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'A mystery-drama that explores a hostile relationship.'


A never- ending break up… .  Jesse returns after leaving Blair due to his 'mistreatment'  and tries to get revenge. Will she succeed ?

'Monique is so good in this film. She is able to really tell the story through expressions and reactions. Good job on the sound design and music as well. The entire film, even though it is a micro, is very well executed.'

Mikel Fair, Oregon Film Festival Director

Hufen Iâ - Ice Cream

A female, who is in a relationship with a man explores her attraction to women in a whimsical way, by inviting women to her house in secret and eating ice creams together! 

Coch Gwir - True Red

The door keeps on ringing, each day anonymous 'admirer' leaves flowers at BiBi's apartment door. Is it her ex, or a new admirer's obsession? 


Mysterious short stories about women, that unfold through supposedly disconnected narratives and flashbacks that unite the film in unspoken drama.   


It is a Performance film exploring Oil, Darkness, Loss and Death with Beckett Ill Seen Ill Said text. Influenced by images of animals that suffered during oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010.

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