★ Generic included in collection of over 4000 short films gathered by Paolo Casarolli, the author of the "World Book of Short Films," an exclusive collection celebrating the art of short films, and the founder of Cinebaloss.

Cinebaloss in collaboration with Centro Culturale “Il Pertini”  ( Milan, Italy)

 This publication highlights the talent and creativity of filmmakers. Their contribution to the cinematic world, and acknowledgement of their films as a piece of art worthy of inclusion. ( 2023)

★ Hospitalfield blurb after the Wrting Residency for my feature film ( 2022)

★ Generic Review - Short Film Matter (2022)

★ WAC* 

Women Arts Connect - interview about Herstory in the publication about emerging females directors ( Italy).

★ Cinewomen: Women's Cinema & Performing Arts; ( 2015) Barbara Bargiel Experimental Cinema pg.1-2, pg. 44- 55 

365 Artists in 365 Days- The Frank Juarez Gallery and Greymatter Gallery collaborative global art project 2014- 2015 featuring artists world wide ( Canada). 

★ Barbara Bargiel’s Stream of Thoughts, Quotes and Pictures on Performing Memory ( 2013)