Barbara Bargiel is a Polish - British BAFTA Connect 2023- 2016 Film Director & Scriptwriter based in London (UK). She champions females and builds her film crew entirely from women. She has a background as an Artist participating in exhibitions and art projects as: Performance Artist, Photographer & Installation Artist. Initially she made videos for her installations then in 2013 she started making films. 

Barbara is a Sundance Institute Collab Fellow in Directing & Writing (USA, 2021- 2022) and during Pandemic she trained in The National Film & TV School ( NFTS, UK, 2020-2021). Then she was selected & completed the BFI SKILL-UP Mentoring Programme for the Neurodiverse/Disable/ Deaf /Writers- Directors set up by the BAFTA Award winning TripleC/ Danc and Screenskills, which is a part of BFI Future Film Skills Programme ( UK, National Lottery Fund, 2021- 2022).

She is a recipient of: Campaign Bootcamp Community Fund for the Future Campaigners to cover part of her NFTS Filmmaking Certificate course fees ( 2021); the Screenskills Bursary ( National Lottery Fund, UK, 2021) and The Film & TV Charity Support & Stop-Gap Grant towards participation in the Sundance Institute Collabs & Cannes Marche Du Film Market for her 1st feature development (UK, 2021/2022). 

Since 2013, Barbara has directed several shorts, which showcased and won awards in film festivals worldwide. In 2022 she embarked on writing her 1st feature film with the Sundance Institute, Film & TV Charity and Hospitalfield support. In Summer 2022 she spent 2 weeks as an Artist  in Residence Writing her 1st Feature in The Arbroath Courthouse Charitable Community Trust in partnership with Hospitalfield in Angus in Scotland. In 2023 Barbara was selected for BAFTA Connect Programme 2023- 2026, as a Film Director working on her 1st feature film. In 2024 she continues working on her feature.

Film Industry

Filmography & Accolades:



2022, Generic, 5 min, Drama; Camera - Sony

   * Honorable Mention Award in New Renaissance Film Festival- Love Story- screening with Q &A  in the Close Up Cinema - 11th Feb 2023 ( off Brick Lane- London)

   *Nominee in Micro Short Category in Birmingham Film Festival- screening on IMAX Millenium Point with Q&A- 9th Nov 2022, Birmingham, UK

    * Paris Lift Off Festival- Official Selection- Screened Online 10th Oct - 7th Nov 2022

* Walthamstow International Film Festival- Winner in Drama Category- Truman's Social Club(UK, 12 June 2022- London Premier )

* Oregon Short Film Festival- Award Finalist in Category Best Relationship Drama - 14 Oct 2022- Clinton Street Movie Theatre ( USA- Premier)

    * Eastern Europe Film Festival - Winner- Best Sound Editing, (Romania, 2022);  

* Reale Film Festival- Winner Honourable Mention Award, (Italy, 2022), 

* San Francisco Indie Short Film Festival- Semi Finalist in Category Women Empowerment- (USA, 2022); 

2021, Hufen Ia- 3 min, Romantic Comedy, Camera- Cannon

* Sunderland Short Film Festival- Official selection in Category Young, Emerging, Student, (UK, 2021);

* Omovies International Film Festival- Official Selection in Category Gender Questioning in (Italy, 2021); 3 min

2020, Coch Gwir- 3 min, Horror, Camera- Mobile Phone- Huaweii Lite Pro

2019, Martin & the Magic Muffins, 6 min, Romantic Comedy; Camera- Panasonic  

2014, Herstory- 10 min, camera- Cannon 5D, Go-Pro & Sony

*Mama Lovely Film Salone on Process (2014), Queen of Hoxton, (London, UK)

2013, Poison-5 min,  camera- Cannon 5D

 *Official selection in Category Video Art - Novas Artes Associadas, (Portugal 2014); 


Barbara sings Alto in London' s choirs for over 10 years. She enjoys mountain and water sports. She likes to travel to unique places and meet local people through their storytelling.